Dear subscribers…

Sorry to have been away for a bit. School is occupying much of my time. Coffee most of my diet. Also, buying a house and trying to rent the apartment we now live in is weighing on the whole family (who I hardly see now). Lauren, thanks for driving me to school, doing the grocery shopping, corresponding with the various contacts for homebuying, and apartment renting. Thanks for keeping the bed warm at night and worrying about the right things. Fila, thanks for biting my arm and staying up late with me to work on this paper or that presentation. You’re a real trooper. Friday I will be done but it does not end. I will starting the in-vehicle sampling week for the SCOPE study on which I work. Me, Ajay, a CO monitor, manifolds and more in a minivan for 8 hours of driving fun. And where are we going you may be wondering… in circles around the perimeter. That should make for some good stories. Stay tuned.


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