Rollin’ on 700s

In a culture where the bigger your rims are the more respect you get, why is the bike not more popular? The question is a bit absurd but let’s consider it for a minute.

  • If you’re into cruisin’ you don’t need the speed. Granted, you wont have a TV or loud music bumpin’ but everyone will be able to see you flossin’
  • The weather is perfect. Most nights in Atlanta are great for riding a bike and having the wind blow in your face.
  • That brings me to the next point that it’s like a convertible but better.
  • There are not that many hills and the ride wouldn’t be too strenuous. I already mentioned the speed, but would like to add that most cruising (any worth doing) occurs on Peachtree, which was built on a ridge line and is the highest point in most parts.
  • I guess I forgot that there is a small sub-culture of blingin’ bikers out there cruisin’ lowriders with big handle bars and 200 spokes.

In the meantime, you can find me rollin’ on 700s (ccs).

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