Madison B-Cycle

In 2013 I entered the t-shirt competition for Madison B-Cycle, our local bike share. The shape of the lakes is iconic around here. Even abstractions of the isthmus are famous (see the city flag). I made the bike share stations into a network and set the station names to 45˚ angles to mimic subway maps. Later I found out I am not the first one to try this, the the stops in my network follow the actual B-cycle stations.  I think I am more proud of the tagline which I have tried to turn into a hashtag to support the inclusion of bike share in larger conversations about transit.


National Public Health Week 

This thermostat was featured on a flier for events held at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health during National Public Health Week in 2008.


Connecticut Mountain Dulcimer Gathering

Do you know what a mountain dulcimer is? I created this logo for my mother-in-law. She is part of a group of mountain dulcimer enthusiasts in Connecticut, who also refer to themselves as the Gathering.


Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning (SCARP) PhD Program

This was part of an internal competition to create a logo for the PhD program. I got consumed in it and decided to create a set of four potential campaigns featuring the logotype. The only other submission was created in MS Word using the WordArt tool.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.14.39 PMI got my first iPod in Hong Kong in the summer of 2004. Remember the ads back then? Black human silhouettes danced against colorful backgrounds holding little white rectangles. Portable music – 10,00o songs in your pocket – took off and it was the beginning of people walking around with headphones in all the time. I was one of these people – addicted.


South East Climbers 

I spent more than one day of my PhD work daydreaming of being off hiking and climbing outside in the forest. Notice the climber lingo in the naming. Sent this to the Southeast Climbers Coalition but they didn’t do anything with it 😦


Climate Change Figures

In 2011 I was asked to lead the graphics production for the book The City and Coming Climate by my PhD Advisor Brian Stone. It included both original and reproductions of scientific figures.

Fig 3.4 3-4_LandTempAnomaly_degreesF