Fallen Ash High Table


I received this piece of wood from Wisconsin Wood at the 2014 Atwood Festival. They set up a mill in a church parking lot and we’re giving away slabs cut from trees that had fallen in storms earlier that year. I got this piece of Ash and a much longer piece of Shagbark Hickory. I have been letting the two pieces dry in my garage for the last two years and decided to work on this one first as it seemed less warped from drying and less of a sacrifice for my practice. The hair pin legs were on a small, square tiled table I found on the street. It’s higher than I originally imagined it but works well for a TV stand.

Cube Sidetable with Compartment


I remember seeing something like this piece walking to a farmer’s market in Santa Monica. I mimicked the design with the built in compartment and the colors. I can’t remember what kind of wood i used for this, but I do recall using a biscuit joiner for the first time. I borrowed a lot of tools from my boss at the time and built it in my apartment in Louisville.

Aldo Leopold Bench

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.03.20 PM

I’ve pursued a lot of outdoor furniture projects, for 3 reasons. One, I live in small homes. Two, my skills, time, and tools are not sufficient to build high quality furnishings for interiors. Three, I can not afford high quality wood. The Aldo Leopold Bench is a simple but distinctive piece that almost anyone can construct. They can be made out of any kind of wood and for cheap. The plans could previously be found on the EPA website and from many other DIYers. I’ve tried out a few minor modifications and made one for my sister’s wedding with nicer cedar, plus I added some lettering to mark the occasion.


Album Art

This was the first piece that Lauren and I built together. I started it after moving the CD collection from jewel cases to books. I had a lot of album booklets and backs that I had to do something with. We built it in 5×5 pieces and put 10 of them together. See if you can pick out a favorite.


Oversized Zig-zag End Table

One year, Lauren made the mistake of mentioning that she wanted a bedside table. For Valentine’s Day one year I made this and drove it down to Atlanta. It is way too big for next to a bed, even though it’s spent a lot of time next to ours. A pretty boring box, but I added the floating book shelf in the middle of it.


Outdoor Dining Table


This table is made out of thin, light cedar. I eventually made a bench to accompany it. It was a versatile piece that we used on our deck for outdoor dinners. The plans came from – a nice site with great details for simple beginner construction. I eventually donated the table to a local community garden and disassembled the benches. Some of them were combined with defunct kid’s bike trailer to make a it suitable for other cargo.