Home Sweet Home

You want orange juice? You go to the store, you buy it, you take it home. Ahhhhhhh, that’s good OJ. But when you want a house, you have to get started early. Figure out what you can afford, find those houses, look at them, consider them, look at them again, look online and hundreds more, go back and forth, look again, make an offer, get shot down. That’s how you buy a house. I have been learning a lot about buying houses lately and this weekend I learned a new step I had never even seen before. “Have offer accepted.”

Yes, Lauren and I are finally engaged in a successful bid for a home and there a bunch of new steps we’re starting to learn now. Get an inspection, pay, find things wrong with the home that will make you want to get out of the contract (maybe), pay lawyers, something about escrow, pay, close, pay. Oh, and then move in.

All that said we are really excited about getting a place. We’re already researching Energystar appliances, CFLs, and spots in the yard for a garden. We don’t mean to get ahead of ourselves but it is kinda fun. I have also been busy researching my new bus/bike routes and destinations. I still need to look into the venue and times for the meetings of our new NPU.

We’ll have you over soon enough.

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