Atlanta is a UPS town

With all the new things we’ve been receiving lately it feels like the holidays came a little early this year. In a sense they have; we exchanged gifts with my family when we were home last week for Thanksgiving. My parents got us some sleeping bags we registered for and they arrived before we even headed to Detroit. We when got back home I had a new phone waiting for me free through an upgrade, and I’m sure you noticed that I’ve been doin’ some new boot goofin’. Well to keep it going Lauren’s new bike arrived yesterday.

As many of you know, she had her’s stolen a few months ago. I did some research to find the perfect one and Ben came through with a great recommendation. The Jamis Coda Sport. I looked for a slightly cheaper price and came across some deals out a bike store in Reno, NV. They had old models (new bikes) and offered free shipping so I went with it and ordered it.

Yesterday it showed up and we were stoked to set her up and get her back on the road. The box showed up with a large hole in. But hey, they package these things to withstand some of the bumps in the road. So we carted it over to Ben’s for his help in setting it up. Everything was going swell until we were just about to take it for a spin and try out the fit. I was inspecting the frame after removing some of the last foam and paper packing and stickers. Then I found a dent in the frame. It was, of course in the same location as the hole in the box.

We contacted FedEx and filed a claim. Now we’re in the process of sending pics to the sellers and then waiting for a shipping slip from them so we can return the bike and have them send us a new one. I have no complaints about any of the parties involved thusfar. Both FedEx and the bike shop have been very pleasant to deal with and helpful, I am just disappointed about having to wait for a new bike for Lauren. I will keep you updated on the status of the situation.

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