On Wednesday I had to go into an oral surgeon to have my last wisdom tooth taken out. Please spare me the pain of explaining why one was left in there all this time. Let me only say that it had always been easier to leave it be until now; some dentists thought a cyst may be developing near it and wanted it removed once and for all. My dental history is a long and storied affair with several lengthy and numbing procedures. Receiving Novocaine injections for local anesthetic is fairly routine for me. But this time it was surgery and involved general anesthesia; being put to sleep – completely unconscious.

With Lauren gone, I asked Brennan to accompany me to the surgeon’s office and to drive me home afterward. I was expecting something fairly simple. Having already been through the extraction of the 3 other teeth during two separate procedures with only local anesthetic I was surprised when the appointment was only scheduled for 30 min and almost happy not to have to suffer through all the prodding and prying. Nonetheless, going under should always make you a bit nervous and it did on Wednesday. When I came to I was sitting in a small room where I apparently picked up and held Nemo for a bit.

Brennan and I headed to Publix to get some food and he did all he could to keep me awake. I think he thought I was going to fall over walking. I drank a fruit drink and a yogurt drink and proceeded to get sick on the way home. We had decided to go back to Brennan’s house where he could be there for me rather than me being at home all alone. Good thing, because the nausea and vomiting continued for the entire day.

Now, two days later, I am feeling better and have my appetite back but my jaw and wound are still sore. I go back on Wednesday for a follow-up appointment, but I would say that I have discovered that my body does not agree with general anesthesia.

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