Miller Lite Chili Cookoff

This weekend is the Miller Lite Chili Cookoff at Stone Mountain. Hundreds of booths are set up in Stone Mountain Park, teams camp there on Friday night and wake up early on Saturday to being cooking their chili. The chili must be cooked on-site and you must prepare at least 5 gallons. Ticket-wielding patrons of the event are entitled to all the samples they can stomach. We attended last year and Lauren and her friend Liz have been planning on entering ever since. Now it is upon us.

In order to enter, a team name had to be created and Slammer Chili was selected as our entry. Depending on your motivation, you can get way into themes and presentation, in addition to chili. Have the battle is branding yourself and creating a memorable experience for tasters who are meandering among hundreds of similar teams. So we have put significant effort into creating an identity. Black and white stripe shirts were created by Lauren using tape and spray paint on new undershirts. Also, a wooden span of prison bars were constructed for us to serve chili behind. This is not to say that we’ve forgotten about the chili. A couple weeks ago a team meeting was held to sample various recipes and choose the competition chili. What does it taste like? You’ll have to stop by and find out.

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