Gardening Again

Last Friday was the vernal equinox and thus Spring is here and has begun. Optimistically, I have taken this to mean that we are finished with frosts and snow and I have gone ahead with my spring planting in the garden. This also meant that we could finally move the herbs that I was able to save over the winter (rosemary and mint) back into the yard. They wintered in our spare bathroom, on shelves in the bathtub. Right now we’ve planted spinach, lettuce blend, carrots, beans, peas and some flowers. We’re also trying to start some peppers inside. We’re hoping to have better luck this year with peppers, squash and eggplants. Last year we did get a few good, large eggplants, our bell peppers and squash never really came out.

In addition to planting we’ve been putting a lot of work into the facilities. We got some give-a-way wood from someone on Craigslist and build a new third bed. So, we’re hoping to improve our output by 50% at least. Then we added mulch that TJ provided for us around all the beds. And finally we built a more substantial fence with a gate to keep Mali out. Before we could finish it she moved some of the spinach seeds around but I think everything will still come up ok. We may have to alter the fence as the summer progresses if we find that animals are getting at the plants, but it should be easy to add some wire mesh along the fence. Our next concern is soil for the new bed and perhaps more water. It seems this is almost the only thing I blog about so I’m sure you’ll hear more throughout the summer.

3 thoughts on “Gardening Again

  1. now that you got yer herbs on, check out my blog! I just posted a recipe for Herb-baked eggs – the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, or snack food – ready in 6 minutes and only uses a teacup, a ramekin (or gratin dish), and a cutting board.


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