Year in Review 2008

I see a lot of year end lists but none of them seem to document what’s happened in my life. I revisited my posts throughout the year, which I admit have been thin, to review what went on in our lives this year and to fill in some gaps. We started the year in Atlanta, with Chad visiting from Santa Barbara, but just days later we received another visitor who stayed for six months. Jorge lived with us from January to July and was a member of the family. January 2008 also brought Atlanta some snow that actually stayed on the ground. We first experienced it while at a mountain cabin with my fellow and lady city planning students but got another taste upon our return home.

In February school at Emory was in full swing and a routine for the next several months began to take shape. Unfortunately, there were a few bits of bad news for the month. First, Lauren was badly shaken up by the stunning defeat of the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Then she had her 30th birthday. We had a sports-themed surprise party where everyone dressed up in sports gear they had lying around the house.

In March, Lauren jetted off to Brooklyn to see here sister for the weekend. Jorge and I stayed home and started construction of the garden and the cleaning up of the back yard. Also, in March 2008 Lauren and I went to the wedding of our friends Michelle and Alex. It was one of the first times I visited and stayed in downtown LA. The wedding was great but the national news that weekend focused on Atlanta and the tornado that had ripped through downtown. We returned home to find our own neighborhood particularly hard-hit.

April was a busy month. First I turned 29. Next Jorge and I set off to DC for a conference and some sightseeing. I was presenting at the Active Living Research Conference and he wanted to see the city. We stayed with Gill and Mikey but I remember hardly getting to see them and thinking that we were all pretty busy. It was also my first chance to meet Purvi. The pleasure was all mine. On the way home from DC we took a long layover in Detroit to see the family, but April doesn’t stop there. Later in the month I headed to Montreal for Paul’s Bachelor Party. Here I got to see more of Gill and Mikey in an environment that I’m more accustomed too. Also got to see Bilski, Chad, Jesse, Peter, Rob, Freeman, Michael, Brian, Scotty, Jake, Matt, and of course Rico. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

In May 2008 Lauren’s dad and sister visited independently for work within a week of each other. We visited the Museum of Natural History and saw a Braves’ game, respectively. Then Lauren and I spent the rest of month in the islands, sort of. We headed to Jekyll Island with John, Shannon, Mike and Hannah. It was our first time there and our last time camping with children (kidding). It was great to ride our bike around the island but I also remember the ticks and the raccoons. In between our island trips, Lauren and I drove up to Blowing Rock, NC to pick up a table that had been made for us in Hampton, CT. We met her mom and Mack at a family house there and spent the weekend listening to and learning mountain dulcimer. The next weekend we were back to the islands. We went with Dave and Liza and stayed in a condo on Folly Island near Charleston. We walked to the beach and played of lot of surf football catch. May ended with Lauren and I back in the mountains. She headed to Yellowstone for work and I went with Jorge to North Georgia.

June was comparatively low key. Matt and Priya held a wedding-warm-up-weekend in ATL for their friends. We did take one trip to Raburn County to visit with Sam at her house up there. Not much else went on. Jorge grew a mustache.

July started with a trip to San Francisco for the wedding of our good friends Paul and Hilary. The wedding was in the Presidio. We stayed in an officer’s quarters and could walk home from the reception and the bowling that followed. It was a great time. Sadly, in July we also bid farewell to Jorge and to Dave and Liza. Jorge returned home and D+L moved out to Salt Lake City. At the end of July I also set off. I went out west again to hike the west coast trial. There are a number of posts detailing the trip which was quite the experience.

I returned from Seattle in August and proceeded to attend my first ever used car give-away night at a minor league baseball game. Matt, Miguel, Ben and I headed up to Chattanooga for some climbing and then went to a Lookout’s game where they gave away a used car every inning. August also saw us back up in northeast Georgia for a camping trip along the Chattooga, ‘The Deliverance River’.

In September Lauren and I celebrated our second anniversary by going to the Chattahoochee Hill Country in South West Fulton County to a place called Serenbe. We spent two days there walking around the grounds and enjoying the beautiful fall weather and each other. Lauren got the chance to go to Rhode Island and celebrate another wedding that month. Her Aunt Laurie was married in September 08.
The first weekend ofOctober Ben and I headed back to Blowing Rock, NC for a bouldering competition at Hound Ears. This is the first stage of the Triple Crown which is held each year in the Southeast. Shortly after that my family came into town to visit with us. We went apple picking in North GA and visited the local drive-in movie theater. One of the most fun things we did was to go to the climbing gym and get my sister and my dad up on a rope. Later that month I attended another bachelor party, this time in Nashville for Jason Chernock. Finally I got to go out to San Diego for the American Public Health Conference. I stayed in a hostel in the Gas Lamp District and Chad came down to hang out for a couple days. I liked it there mostly because of the weather and the ocean.
In November, we once again headed up to the mountains of North Carolina (it seems like that’s all we do). This time to Asheville, NC to stay in a cottage for the weekend with Ben, Katy, Ariel and Chad. Ben and I got away for a day to do some climbing and we all spent our nights in town with delicious food and beverage. I can’t forget to mention the exciting election night that this November brought with it. For the holiday, we returned the favor to my parents when we drove up to Detroit for Thanksgiving. I was a good trip: got to see family and friends, eat well and visit some favorite spots. One thing I have done the last few ties up there is drive around Detrit with my dad and take pictures. The saddest thing I saw on this trip was Tiger Stadium literally cut in half and in the process of being demolished.

We rounded out the year like we do every year, with December. This Year we decided to get a Christmas tree for the house. We went south to a farm where we could cut down our own. This was the first real tree I have ever had, let alone actually cut down. The Chernock wedding that we preemptively celebrated in Nashville went off in December 2008 without flaws. Then Lauren and I took a trip up to Brooklyn to visit Susan and attend Stash Bash 08. Next we headed to New England to spend the holidays with her family. We ran back and forth between CT and RI and managed to spend some time in Providence and see a motion picture. We closed out out 2008 back up in the north GA mountains at a cabin with Liz, Derek, Derek, Mellisa and Aly. It might seem a bit low-key for New Years but felt good to us.
2009 has started off very busy. On Monday of last week (2008) I spent hours trying to return a dog that was loose on campus back to its frat house. Then on the first day of the new year I was bit by a dog while trying to break up a fight. If that’s not twisted karma… Everything is fine, I just need some recovery time for some bruising. One thing I learned, break up dog fights from behind the dogs, not by going between them. Lauren leaves for Bangladesh this week, I (surprise) am heading back to the mountains for the CRP cabin trip, and we have other trips planned to DC for inauguration, Phoenix for a bachelor party and Matt and Priya’s wedding in March. Plus I’m sure we’ll throw in many more camping and climbing trips along the way.

Lastly, you may recall a post last January about resolutions. This year I would like to reduce my sugar consumption, reduce overall consumption and waste, and increase water intake. How I will increase water intake and reduce water usage remains to be seen. But I was particularly proud of the fact that we did not have to turn on the municipal water once this year to water the garden AND that we have been composting food scraps at our house now for over a year. Also, I would like to improve on my resolution from one year ago and, as always, be nicer. Thanks for reading, Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Year in Review 2008

  1. I like it. I have to say, I think you *were* nicer in 2008. Can’t vouch for the h20 intake. Keep up the good work 😉 Maybe we’ll see you in DC on tuesday… I’m still working it out. If not, I’ll have to follow all the action here, on vargocity.


  2. That´s correct! Very nice year review. I have to say it was a great year for me too, mainly because of my time with Lauren, Jason, Mali, and Fila. I hope to see you soon (here in Colombia, or around there).


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