Over the weekend I had some time to sit down with some reading materials that I have not had time for recently.
This article was one that I particularly enjoyed and find myself bringing up to people over and over.

Like many of articles in the New Yorker it concerns a topic of only superficial interest (elevators) but covers it with penetrating detail. The article is built around an anecdote about a man who experienced one of the most dreadful thoughts many of us have about elevators: being stuck in one. A video of the ordeal is included below.

More than impressing me with this rare account, the article made me think of elevators as a legitimate form of transportation – enabling societies and furthering ‘progress’ for the last 150 years.

3 thoughts on “Elevate

  1. I was once stuck in an elevator for about 3 hours, and that video is pretty much accurate as to what people stuck in elevators do. (x 15 for him). It’s funny how in movies there is always a way out through the top.


  2. Yeah, the article mentions the misconception (perpetuated on film) that there is always a way out through the top. <>“Elevator surfing—riding on top of the cab, for kicks—is dangerous. This is why the escape hatch is always locked. By law, it’s bolted shut, from the outside. It’s there so that emergency personnel can get in, not so passengers can get out.”<>


  3. I didn’t leave a comment after reading this article, as I had to set aside some time to read the entire thing. (see other post where i did not read the supplied post fully). BUT, I have not walked in an elevator since without my cell phone. BUT, cell phones often don’t work in elevators. Hmm.


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