EWE 2008

In the middle of another late frost advisory I thought it was about high time to finally post something of the tornado we had about a month ago. It ran through downtown and then hit Cabbagetown, but little known to everyone is that it continued south and east into East Atlanta. We haven’t attracted as much attention from the press and the volunteer corps but quite a few houses were hit hard over here.

Luckily we were about one block south of the real damage. We only lost a ‘small’ cedar in the front between our house and the neighbor. Several houses had damage from debris, if not a whole tree, hitting them.

We were out of town for a wedding but got plenty of calls and texts from family to check on us, from the neighbor about the tree, from Jorge about his first tornado and
from Mikey about the NCAA basketball in the Georgia Dome.

We expect that this type of event is a rarity and hope not to see our house crushed by the massive trees that surround it.

more pictures from Matt

3 thoughts on “EWE 2008

  1. Thanks for the shout out. You know I only ask because I care, about basketball. But seriously, i’m glad the tree was the “only” damage at your place.


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