Grad School

Sometimes my own understanding of where I am in life and who I am can seem really off. I think I’m in one place and acting a certain way and then I catch a glimpse of myself from another angle and I see of myself in a completely different light.

Grad school can be like that. Everyone is idealistic and determined and at the same time sick of it and fed up. And even though we’re in our 20s sometimes we act really childish but we still feel like we’re qualified to handle really big problems. If you’re in the middle of it you may not even notice what you’re doing. Plus we hardly have time to reflect on our work (if we get it back). Sometimes you get to put your work in front of people and then it becomes a good lens or perhaps a mirror in which to see yourself.

In my efforts to work on the really big problems that grad school presents (assignments) this is the latest creation of which I was a part. It’s a mock newscast about a toxic exposure, in this case tetrodotoxin. Enjoy.

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