Road Trip

This Thanksgiving, in an effort to save some cash on expensive plane tickets and dog boarding, we decided to rent a car and drive to New England. My love for a good road trip has never dimmed and so of course I was up for it. We even convinced Susan, Lauren’s sister, to fly down here from New York and drive back up there with us. It was all Susan’s idea, and honestly with the exception of me and few other people, no one could understand why she would want to do this. My philosophy was, the more the merrier, and I was glad that she had suggested it. Plus we never get to see her and so even if our time together was crammed in a Dodge Caliber with dog in tow it was time well spent. I’m not sure if she felt that way at the end of the trip but it’s the thought that counts.

We left Atlanta early Tuesday morning and set off for Lambetville, NJ to stay with Lauren’s dad in his apartment there. We made decent time and the back seat (with the dog) of the Dodge turned out to be a real hit, everyone fell asleep when seated there. We arrived in Lamberville around 8:30, 14.5 short hours after we left Atlanta.

Lambertville is a hip little town situated right on the Delaware across from New Hope, Pennsylvania. Lauren and I made it out for a walk along the river in the morning before leaving. From there we headed to Hampton, CT to stay on the farm with Lauren’s mom and Mack. Here we spent our Thanksgiving before heading out on Friday to Newport to spend time with family there. By Saturday our short trip had come to end and it was time to pack up the car and hit the road once again. We were not sure where we were going to stop or stay on Saturday night but we set off just the same. We pondered going to DC to stay with friends and head down 95 but changed our minds somewhere in Virginia. Then we started thinking about finding a dog-friendly hotel in Charlotte but again changed our minds.

Ultimately we trudged through and beat the Sunday traffic by arriving at our house in the middle of the night on Saturday. By the end of it we had added 2,318 miles to the Caliber and see three generations of two sides of Lauren’s family. We’d also eaten more than our fair share and paid our first visit to Lauren’s dad’s new house. In the process we managed to save over $1000 compared to flying and boarding the dog. Now we’re trying to decide whether or not to do it again (to Michigan) in December.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. If you’re up for another road trip soon you can head out to Vegas. Having just made the drive recently, I can tell you there are a lot of really cool sites. Just take 40 all the way out.


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