Sister Visit

Over the weekend Lauren and I hosted our sisters as guests of Atlanta and our home. We had an event-filled couple of days over which the weather varied. My original intention in suggesting this weekend to them was to get them here for The Dogwood Festival and some lovely Spring weather. I thought it would be a welcome respite from the mid-April snow showers they’d been enduring and Spring in Atlanta is great. Plus the braves were in town.

On Thursday and Friday we had great weather and took a stroll around Atlanta’s CBD – not what I considered to be a stop on most tourists lists, but looking back maybe it’s the most touristy place of all with World of Coke, Underground, and Centennial Olympic Park. We also had the chance to catch Dr. David Kleinbaum on the jazz flute at the Old Scottish Rite. On Friday we visited the aquarium and that night went to the Braves’ game. Braves got killed but we had a good time and saw some fireworks.

I told my sister to bring her soccer gear so we could go play on Saturday morning at Tech. The weather held up but we almost couldn’t find parking because of Barack Obama. It was fun and she showed me up a few times. Then the weather got ugly but we had all indoor events planned. John and Shannon had a dinner party and then Priya was celebrating her 25th birthday and their place.

Finally on Sunday we tried to get over to Dogwood. It was remarkably cold and ugly outside and to see the festival so empty was pretty sad. We decided to go see Hurricane on the Bayou and later Lauren made some awesome lasagna for dinner. Then Jennie was shipped off to the airport and I turned to face homework.

The weekend had concluded but for a few days it was a assemblage of family, keeping the generation together.

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