Alternative Radio

Thanks to the diverse and quality-driven program directors at WREK I have been introduced to Alternative Radio. I was lucky enough to catch it two weeks in a row at it’s scheduled time of 11AM on Sundays and now I am fairly interested in it. Interested enough to visit the website and begin to tell people about it in casual conversation and on this blog. Basically the show broadcasts public awareness talks given by political and social activists calling for cultural change, or at least awareness. If you don’t catch the show on the radio you can always find a recording of the talk on their website, if only for a small fee.

The first week I heard the show it was a talk given by Bill Moyers on media reform. I agreed with a lot of what he was saying and thought his argument was very well formed and enthusiastic. Last week I happened to be in the car when it came on and caught Chris Hedges talking about the radical Christian right. This talk was not really something I knew too much about. His delivery was heated and the content scathing but definitely plausible. I found it pretty interesting to hear his perspective on things coming from seminary and having spent time inside some of the mega-churches and societies which he was describing.

All this is to say that you should give Alternative Radio a listen. If you’re not in Atlanta check out the website and find out when it’s on in your town. Or if you’re ready to jump right in, I recommend buying the episode with Bill Moyers. His argument on media reform might make you a regular subscriber.

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