Spring Break ’07

Spring break has always been a welcome respite from the life of homework and lectures that is school. What it has never been for me is a hedonistic romp on a remote Caribbean island.

One year I went to Italy with Paul to visit our girlfriends who were ‘studying’ in Spain. We made a whirlwind tour of it hitting up Venice for Carnival, Rome to see the Pope, Sienna and Florence with a Leaning Tower sighting, and back to Milan for what I will always remember as a wonderful Sunday walk through the city with crepuscular light shooting between the towers of a Gothic church and down the narrow streets. That last day was just Paul and I oddly.

My senior year I thought I was getting ready for law school. My friend Hilary was also looking at grad schools (for an MPH) and we decided to spend our spring break on a NorthEast Tour of schools. All my house mates went to Jamaica. We started in NYC where we stayed with Paul’s cousin in a posh West side condo. Near 78th and Broadway. We ate in possibly the only bad Chinese restaurant in the city, but had an awesome time. This was not my first time to New York but really my first opportunity to spend a good amount of time there (more than a day trip) and get out and see some things (not bound to tours). I loved it. Took a look at Columbia, NYU, and made it up further north on the island than I’ve ever been since to see Columbia PH (@the Med school) with Hilary. I remember we noticed that a lot of people were sporting berets and Hilary bought one on the street, which I don’t think she’s worn since.

We also stopped by New Haven to look at Yale and stay with a friend, Darius. He is a really cool guy and we had a lot fun. Some students there seemed to have connection to politicians, and people of power that baffled me. It was amazing. You could tell Hil loved it there, she even picked up a sweatshirt before leaving. Ultimately she ended up going there and I think it was a great decision.

We also made a stop by Boston, still my only real visit. I don’t count the pre-wedding trip to Malden for Lauren’s threading appointment in Little India. We stayed with a friend of Hilary’s at BC and visited BU well. Looks like areal fun in the sun kind of vacation, huh? We even took the tour of Harvard. Yale’s was more impressive. I still remember little tidbits about the rare book library and the fitness center.

Still I think all of these were really great spring breaks. This year I have been thinking about what I did over spring break. You’re probably sick of hearing about them but I built another fence on the west side of the house. Now the yard is finished. But, really I did all the stuff that needed done that wasn’t getting enough attention with all the schoolwork flying around. And, I watched lot of basketball. It, too, was another great spring break spent on my own little island away from the hustle and bustle of school.

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