South(gate) Park

Now the adorable and easy-to-relate-to happenings of the quartet of children from a small town in Colorado can take on your own persona. Now you can relive the old, familiar stories of your youth in suburbia with the added outrageousness that you’ve come to expect from South Park. Relive your little league games, but this time have celebrities drop by or imagine a fight between a deity and a holiday icon.

Or take advantage of the technology to create your current self in SP form. Just like they do in the show to capitalize on the priceless events of the day, you can instantly create the SP image of what’s going on with you today.

It’s fun and easy and it’s right HERE!

Props to Raul for finding this.

2 thoughts on “South(gate) Park

  1. Yeah, it’s hella fun and I already created a version of Lauren and my stats professor. I wanna make my whole family and write an episode but I have no idea what kind of adventures we would get into.


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