Pick Me Up

Rarely do I come into contact with celebrity. I have heard that all Atlantans have a Lenox Mall story about a sighting of Usher or Michael Vick, but the closest I usually get is seeing Lil Jon in his courtside seats at the Hawks game on the jumbotron from the nosebleed section. Sometimes I hear about a friend of a friend tied in with the news, but even this turns sour. Like when a guy I go to school with told me that he knew the ‘church-burning Alabama boys’ form his frat. Today I am proud to say that I know someone involved in something that is getting some positive press. My sister-in-law works for DK publishing (the visual publisher). She is part of a team which promotes a book called Pick Me Up.

This is a great new educational book for children and teens but is really interesting for anyone who has the curiosity to take the title’s advice. Recently it was featured the Today show and it also made the New York Times Children’s Bestsellers List. The first time I picked up the book I was skeptical but after I got into it I found it very intriguing. We passed on a copy to a friend of ours who is a kindergarten teacher and she loves it. It’s great to find an educational source so versatile across age groups. Kudos to the authors, but also to DK and Susan (my new contact with glamor) for endorsing good work.

This Christmas brought us into contact with another great book from DK. Now I can’t wait to see what DK and Susan will come out with next.

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