Sky Mall

Every now and then you have to surprise yourself. Take an unexpected path so that not everything you encounter is what you planned. It makes you think on your feet, expands your understanding of things going on around you and could inspire some creative thought.

On that note I picked up the Sky Mall on the plane today. I like looking at this magazine every now and then to see what inventions have been dreamed-up recently. It seems like SkyMall has become a repository for new inventions that fail to make it into the stores I often find myself in. Though I must admit that I have seen noticed a few of the products out in ‘the real word‘ since picking up my copy of SkyMall. Below I discuss some of my favorites; great gifts for next year’s holiday swaps.

The iPod seems to be a popular focal point for many of the items in the catalog. The breadth of accessories that have been schemed around this single item startles me. You can see that one such accessory is even featured on the cover above: the always popular iPod VW bug alarm clock. Seems a bit unnecessary, but different people have different needs. I do think the VW Beetle owners of the world like to take a certain pride in their choice of vehicle and like to keep flowers in their car. But I have a hard time figuring out who needs the iPod on the toilet. In the bathroom? Fine, but why not just buy one of the portable docks with speakers that are so common and well designed and just keep it in the bathroom?

(I have not doctored this picture in anyway, this is how it appears in Sky Mall.) I have to guess that the attention to detail and quality in many of the products is lacking because it comes across in the magazine’s production. Take this product for example, the giant-size world map. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending hours with their children explaining the wonders of history and culture with this amazing backdrop. Giving them a better of idea of how diverse the world is and stimulating new thoughts in their little heads. Showing them there are alternative paths to take, different ways to live life. “OK, Suzie, here is South America where indigenous culture was destroyed by the Spanish. The Spanish came across the Atlantic Ocean from the west(?) and landed here…” Maybe this a map from the future, they left off the polar ice caps.

When you’re not teaching your children about the world we live in, you’ll want to do your best to protect them from it. That’s where the next product comes in. This child locater allows you to find your child instantly with the press of a button, effectively ending his hide and seek career. This newest model is free of all the old wires you’ve become used to and best of all fits on child inconspicuously disguised as a giant lady bug. Apparently, they’ll love wearing it and you’ll love not paying attention to where they are until you’re done talking to the other moms and you’re ready to leave the playground. A must have.

Finally we have the water weights. If you’re like me you are rapidly running out of room for all your weights. Now there’s a way to make weights when you need them using only your kitchen sink. Plus you can take you weights with you on business trips. Screw the hotel gym, you’ve got water weights. Actually, I like the thinking behind this idea but included it because of the picture, the guy’s arm is huge.

Next time you’re on the plane and you can’t use your VW iPod accesories due to electronic device restrictions pick up the Sky Mall and dare to dream small.

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