If you know me, you know I hate leafblowers. I see no way that these devices do more good than harm. They are noisy (and dangerous? users are advised to wear personal protective equipment, yet they are used without barrier to others), dirty (polluting from combustion, kicking up debris), and inefficient (they most often serve to push one person’s undesirables onto someone else’s property – or public property).

I recently discovered that Adam Carolla is on my side in this one. He has a really good rant on the Dec. 7th show. In an earlier podcast he mentioned this old New Yorker article about the contentious issue in California. In the latest rant he mentions this recent test of the emissions from a leafblower against vehicles. Guess what they found. Buy a Fiat.


One thought on “Leafblowers

  1. A great related post passed on by a friend. (http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2011/12/05/muscle-over-motor/) here's an excerpt

    Imagine a leafblower so advanced that it harnesses the power of your abdomen and biceps, while sucking away your stored fat reserves. Yet it operates nearly silently and costs under 15 bucks. With just a simple wooden handle and a few ounces of sturdy bent plastic or metal prongs, it could be lightweight and quite wide, and be able to clear thousands of square feet of densely-packed leaves per hour, leaving you feeling refreshed and healthier and more connected with Nature every time you use it.


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