2 months

I may seem like all I post about, however infrequently, is now related to having a child. Maybe true, but it really is almost the only thing I have been taking pictures of lately, and today was his 2 month check up. It is so fun to head out to the doctor’s and get some feedback on how the kid is doing. You get to have a special outing with your child, see other parents and kids, and hear super positive things from the doctors. They always make you feel like you are the greatest parent in the world and that everything you are doing is perfect – I think that is half the job with new parents. Lauren and I always try to take the same picture of him now to compare how he looks to the last visit. We also prepare a bunch of questions that we always forget once we get into the exam room. At the 2-month check up you being the vaccine schedule. It is the first time the kid has any reason to associate the doctor’s office with anything bad. They let you nurse while the shots are given which helped to calm him down but must’ve have felt weird for Lauren. There is a lot of screaming and crying, but he settled down pretty quickly and then he and I went to get coffee and a scone which I think cheered him up. Later I got my flu shot and tried to make less of a scene than Benton did with his shots.

2 thoughts on “2 months

  1. Freddie likes coffe and scones, too.
    It really is hard to hold them while they get their shots. There is the look on his face that says: Dad, what are yu doing to me?


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