Happy Thanksgiving

Still pretty busy and not much new. Spent the holiday in Atlatna and went to a Liz and Derek’s house for dinner. Pretty standard Thanksgiving. Great food, ate too much, Lions lose. Then on Friday I went climbing at Foster Falls, TN with Derek and Lauren came up to meet us after work along with Ben and Caity. We camped in the cold on Friday night and did some more hiking and sport climbing on Saturday. I really liked Foster Falls. The camping is free, the hike in is easy, they allow dogs, there are great views, climbing and you can swim in the summer. This was my first time sport climbing and it took a little getting used to after so much time in the gym and on boulders. It is much slower, much more footwork intense, and much headier. I was glad to get on the climbs I did but needed some motivation to get started.

In other news I happened upon this tonight. I love good graffiti and thistakes it to a new level. Bogota had some really good stuff and from the collective’s website I am guessing this is in South America somewhere as well.


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

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