Free Dogs

If you’ve been to my house you know we have neighbors two doors down who chain up their dogs and leave them outside. They never let the dogs off the chains or inside the house, or outside of the yard. The code for Atlanta says that you can’t tether your dog with less than 30feet and the yard is must be closed off, but our neighbor’s yard is open and the tether does not look that long. Dogs from the neighborhood can get into the backyard if they want to. Every year one of the dogs gets pregnant and has a litter. Sometimes it happens more than once a year and sometimes the puppies don’t make it. They, too, live outside all the time but are not on chains.

In the latest litter there were five puppies that made it. The kids who live on the other side of us found out about the puppies and went over to have a look at them. A day later, the puppy owner brought a puppy over to them and then left one of them under the kid’s house in the crawlspace without their permission or their knowledge. They’ve decided that they will keep the puppy and they got it shots and dewormed. A second puppy also went somewhere else so now there are three left. They’re about 3 months old and they’re mutts. They need some attention but I’m sure they’d be free to a good (or any) home. I assume the owners would give them away since they’ve taken to leaving them under other people’s homes. Anyone interested can get in touch with me.

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