Cleveland Part II

As if things couldn’t get worse for Detroit, the Pistons just got swept out of the playoffs by our old/new nemesis, Cleveland. You may recall that two years ago I also released some steam on Cleveland after they knocked Detroit out of the playoffs. Only that time it was teh Eastern Conference Finals and this year it’s in the first round. Plus Lebron and company are favorites to win it all, adding insult to injury. Plus, Detroit has surprised even its critics by becoming an even bigger target for anyone trying to paint a picture of depression or trying to make their city feel/look better. Just listen to this guy.

That said, I was happy to be sent this video which makes fun of another city for a moment (especially since that city is Cleveland). This is version 2 but there is also a version 1. I include version 2 for one simple reason (watch til the end).

It shows exactly what I was referring to earlier, Detroit is the punching bag of even the worst-off of our cities. At least, for the time being our hockey team is still better than theirs.

NPR’s recent week-long feature on Detroit
Recent Planet Money podcast about Detroit and Auto makers
SI article about Detroit’s Courage

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