College of ARTchitecture

It’s finals time at GaTech CoA and for the architects that means anything but papers and exams. Instead they have exhibits and panels and present perspectives. I have been snapping pictures of some of the works in the last week or so. Warning: I know nothing about any of these projects, I just look at them everyday.

This first one was only up for a day or so. I stopped to read it once and it was Dr. King’s I Have A Dream Speech with hand prints and pictures of the Dr.

There are several of these, but I think this is one of the best. The drawings fit in with the real tree outside.

There are tons of posters everywhere. They take days to make and they can stay up for less than an house. And they cost a lot to print.

This is an exhibit that’s been going up for over a week now.It’s in the courtyard of the College. The first picture is last week and the newest one was earlier tonight.

The last one has been going on the longest. I’ve seen a lot of people working on it, usually late at night. Assembling these things on the floor, setting the tension lines to lift them up to the ceiling and then using a lift to get up there and arrange them.

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