Growing up I had a sort of electronics and stereo fetish where I wanted surround sounds and big, loud speakers to watch movies and listen to music at incredibly high volumes. A tweeter was the speaker that gave you the high range of the sounds. Now, tweet is a commonly-thrown-around verb, and it’s not just for the birds anymore.

As I turned 30, one thing I intended to do to try and keep n tun w/ da yuth was to finally, once and for all, figure out Twitter. I was going to create an account, maybe read something on the site and then begin using it. To be honest one of the most enticing things about the whole idea was downloading a new iPhone App, which I am pretty sure exhibits how little I know about the way it works. But yesterday, at almost exactly the same time I intended to sit down and write a post about getting old (trying to stay young) I found this clip on The Daily Show. I was glad to see that I was not alone in my hesitating to get on Twitter. I do think it’s cool that this networking tool puts so many people in touch so quickly. Nonetheless, I still may wait, or dismiss the idea altogether.

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Plus, here’s a look at what’s next from Slate, via Hunfington Post, by way of Chad.

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