For Best Results

I have one more final to finish and then I can move on to other things (like more blogging). This last final is in Regional Economic Foundations of Planning which is roughly about spatial economics. A main theme of the course is the interpretation of growth vs. development. Stereotypically, the semantics of economics are fairly stringent. Costs and benefits refer only to those things on which you can put a price or which the market puts a price on. I mention it to introduce this brief post and say that semantics are a funny, subjective thing. (and, I guess, thus economics could be subjective and funny, maybe)

Anyway, this is my toothpaste. Excuse the poor quality of the photo. I looked at it the other morning and noticed that it said “For best results, squeeze tube from the bottom and flatten as you go up.” Lauren and I have been doing this accordion style for weeks and our teeth have never been cleaner.

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