Michael Phelps

Had mad trouble falling asleep last night and then had this dream I was in this car and Michael Phelps was driving (I think Braylon Edwards was in the back seat) and we were getting on a ferry but you had to drive on all these curvy docks. I was scared because I thought he was gonna drive off of them a few times and he kept talking to us and not paying attention. But of course we didn’t say anything because he was Micheal Phelps. Then he did and we were in the water and I had to resign to the fact that I was going to die even though I thought he would find a way to swim out of it and then found it really ironic that this is how he would die. I jumped out of my sleep and it was only 2-something.

What does this mean?

I am comfortable with being confronted with death?

I think I have a bond with Phelps and Edwards because they are buddies since they were in Ann Arbor and I feel like I’m in their crowd?

I have an irrational fear of driving on narrow docks over the ocean?

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