Bicycle News

With gas prices as high as most people have ever seen, more and more news stories are popping up about transit use and biking to work. Also, May is National Bike Month. A couple of interesting bits of bicycle news have caught my attention recently.

First, there is the story of the Dutch cycling lobby group working to prevent bike theft by teaching people how to steal bikes in the hopes of making them more aware of how to secure their bikes.

Second, last weekend there was a nude bike rally in the UK. It was held in Sussex and full nudity was allowed by the police there. It seems a bit akin to Critical Mass, drawing attention to bikes as a mode of transport by throwing them right in front of motorists in a way they can’t ignore. But this goes one step further and captivates (or appalls) even the most apathetic bystanders. It also had a bit more focused purpose, taking on oil. This weekend a similar ride is planned for London and it should be even larger.

It doesn’t have to be bike month to bike.

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