7 thoughts on “Just throwing it out there.

  1. I love coming across this type of thing. Like seeing a graffiti poem tagged on a wall. Little messages left in the urban environment to make people think for a minute if they’ll stop and take the time to. One of several strategies I have thought of employing for the dangerous street crossing behavior in front of Rollins School of Public Health is to use sidewalk chalk to write citations to some articles that study efficacy of sidewalks for injury prevention or put some stats about how many pedestrians die annually or something like that.


  2. im pretty sure multiple universes do exist. i had to do a presentation on multiple universe theory and if quantum mechanics holds true (which einstein doubts), every physical interaction that occurs on a quantum scale (think heisenberg uncertanty) in this universe causes an additional universe (in which the opposite result of the interaction in our universe occurs) to ‘peel off’ from this universe. this effect creates an infinite number of universes because the same then happens in every new universe. access to these universes however is impossible given our current understanding of our own universe. it’s interesting to note that all chemistry/physics boils down to quantum mechanics so even things such as decisions people make (which are governed by the chemistry of our brain/bodies) theoretically create new universes…it’s science


  3. as an RSPH-er who has witnessed several of these so called “dangerous street crossing behaviors” (of course, never committing the public health faux pas myself) i would advocate for placing the chalked pieces of information (along with coffee or muffins perhaps) AT the cross walk. you know, to entice folks down there. just a thought…and good find.


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