Happy Birthday Mom and Ronald Reagan

Happy Birthday Mom!

One of things I always remember about this day is that you share your birthday with the late president Reagan. Coincidentally yesterday, in a conversation with a friend about super Tuesday and all the new presidential candidates, I came up with a hypothetical gift for you and for all Americans. And, it’s presidentially themed! It’s a way to select your candidate by integrating them into part of your daily routine: breakfast. Simply put, it’s a toaster, but more than that it’s your personal pundit.

This toaster (tentatively called the Pollster Toaster) will sear the faces of the front running candidates from both parties onto your morning toast and/or bagel. It toasts four slices at a time and provides two candidates from each party (sorry, Huckabee). Now you can choose who to vote for based on your own unique tastes (literally). I recommend using the Pollster Toaster for an extended period of time, forming your ‘informed’ opinions of the candidates over time rather than from a single encounter. Also, enhance your integration into the democratic process by coupling your tasted grain with the traditional toppings from each candidate’s region of the country. Or color code; blueberries for the Dems and something red for the GOP.
Mom, if we begin shipping, you’ll receive your’s for free in 4-6 business days. I hope you enjoy this conceptual gift and have a great birthday. And you too, Ronald Reagan.

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