New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resoultion is 1280 x 960.

I know it’s already the 11th but now is as good a time as any to make my intentions for the new year known. I thought long and hard about some of these and since October wrote down some of the best actions I could take in 2008 to improve my condition in the world.

First and most important on the list was my resolution to stop farting near/around Lauren. It started horribly with a real loungefest in front of a football-filled tv on New Year’s Day, but when I saw that she would help hold me to my commitment I really made the change. I was/am dissappointed that I tried to get away with it for awhile but now I am making real progress. Even though this only applies to Lauren it is disappointing that neither her or anyone else notices my efforts. It is like some many other horrible things the world has endured; we only notice them when we are forced to deal with them and do not comment on our delight of their absence as often as we should. I’m glad that Khmer Rouge is gone forever. It works the other way for things of beauty and grace; in their absence we long for their presence. MLK, wish you were here.

My second resoultion strays from the ethic of the whole practice but I like it. I plan to use the phrase “my wife works in __________” to reinforce my opinions/knowledge of certain topics. I will only use this in casual settings, and obviously it will only work on those who do not Lauren and for jobs that she could fill. Nobody is going to buy “My wife plays in the NFL”, but “my wife works in the Falcon’s front office” might help others form a little trust in the trade rumors I start spreading. Of course telling all of you hurts the efficacy of this ruse but I will still find my opportunities.

Thirdly, I would like to change the way I eat. This stared out as a goal to eat seasonally even though I hardly know what that means. The idea was that seasonal foods would be fresher, grow outside naturally, come from places nearer to where I eat and hence require less energy to produce and to get them to me. It has expanded into considering more vegetarian options. This requires less knowledge than the eating seasonal thing. I guess I’m trying all this in an effort to ease my personal impact on the ecology of the planet. This has to do with the energy, land, and the other food required to raise animals for food. Getting away from the huge animals, like cow, are the easist way to make a dent in that food production bar of the graph.

Email me (or Lauren in the case of #1) to find out how we progress as 2008 continues. Happy New Year!

What food is in season (in the UK) now
Seasonal Food Calendar (UK)
The Cheeseburger Footprint

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. happy new year to you too, vargo. i just wanted to say that i thought it moderately inconsistent of you to resolve to stop farting around lauren while continuing to display ridiculously crude manners through horrendously inappropriate dinner-table banter. i will spare your blog readers the gory details. for now. maybe put that one on the list for next year. toot toot.


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