On My Block

Sometimes I think there could be an entire blog about my neighborhood, if only seen through the right lens. It’s at those same times I hope I am carrying a camera. It might be there and gone or something static and I’ll have a chance to go back and snap a shot. Last week presented one such opportunity and I took full advantage.

This shot was taken at the church on the corner two blocks from my house. It’s about that time of year when everyone goes through the chore of cleaning up the leaves in the yard (it took em awhile but they finally fell off). Most people use the heavy-duty brown paper bags which you can buy at the hardware store. The city comes around once every other week and picks up the yard waste. The church decided to take a different approach. Maybe they didn’t want to spend money on the bags from the hardware store but the bags they ultimately chose seem like they would be even harder to get your hands on. What’s more, they chose bags that no one would pick up without thinking twice.
I’m happy to report that the bags were picked up, though I am not by whom or when.

2 thoughts on “On My Block

  1. a thought: perhaps this church is sited on contaminated property and thus the leaves are ACTUALLY hazardous. or, maybe, this is a kind of testament on how our society feels about the natural world…or maybe it is just funny.


  2. Ahhhh, yes. Interesting that we may be afraid of nature. Have you read The Trouble with Wilderness.I think of it < HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/84078793@N00/299110379/" REL="nofollow">often<>.


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