Jungle Friend

When you’re in a new place, meeting people who will never see your life as it normally exists, pictures are a great way to show them who you are and more literally who your friends and family are. After going through my pics with a few new friends I have stumbled upon a couple of gems featuring my cat. I understand it might seem a bit weird to have photoed a cat, but bare with me; these make me laugh every time I see them.

I can’t figure out who he’s a fan of, but FILA is apparently part of the audience that ESPN (or in this case FOX) hopes to attract with all of its Yankee’s – Red Sox games each summer. Watch how he moves around to get comfortable and looks back as if to say “keep it down, there are wildcard implications here”. I wish I could say he does this all the time, but he’s decided that TV is pedestrian and now he just reads books.

I thought this one would land him in the care of animal control and it still may. Somewhere along the way (in the frenzy of a pet shopping spree) we formed the idea that the house was too cold for our pets and instead of making everyone a little more comfortable with the thermostat, we’d help FILA out by getting him a vest made for little dogs. This picture is during one of the 5 minutes the vest was in action before being returned. I know all too well that his posture is an affirmation of what we already knew; this was a stupid idea. The house is warmer for it though. (please don’t take him away, animal control)

I have more but I’ll stop there. If you know this cat and have any comments or funny stories of interactions with him, please share. Stories form allergic parties who view cats as satan-spawn need not submit.

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