New Features

Before I left I told people to stay tuned to the blog for updates on how things are going, what I’m up to, and new signs, etc. It seems that some of you are checking in on me and even leaving commets!!!!. Perhaps you’re new to the blog or just trying to get up to speed (aka vargocity). As such I’ve tried to add some features that you should be aware of.

Comments: AS I said I have been recieving more comments lately and also responding to them. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to notify you that your comment has been noted and a retort submitted. I will be looking in to this.

Visitor Info: This is found in the banner to the right of the posts. By clicking on the see who’s looking at this link, you can see where people are visiting from, and when. Only the last 20. I’m looking for better options. The Lovehardsteins told me that Sitemeter is better and I’m starting to believe them. If I change there will be a link in the same place on the right.

Labels: I recently went through my posts and relabeled all of them. At the end of each posts and perhaps soon in the righthand banner you can find these labels and by clicking on them you can be swept away to all the posts with the same labels. If you’re new to the sit and to me then this could be a great way to catch up on old posts that you missed.

Widget: Mac users can download a Vargocity widget for Dashboard. It doesn’t do much except give you a behind the scenes way to keep up and make you computer much much cooler. You’ll have the widget that nobody else has, or has even heard of.

More: There are also Favorite Posts and my running profile, which are both on probation. We’ll see if they last. If you go to check out my running history (and are not immediate family) you may be way too interested in me.

While I am faltering in comparison to the Army of Park Slope stay-at-home authors who come up with all sorts of coolness in their spare time (I’m working on incorporating, I am putting in some effort. I hope you enjoy and recipricate.

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