I have an affinity for signs. I love to think about symbols and how they are interpreted; how they’re designed to convey a certain message and the way that message comes to be associated with the image, even for those who may have initially responded differently. As I see these interesting signs I often wish I had a camera with me to snap a shot and post them here so that I could see what other people think. Luckily in Bogotá it’s one of a few possessions that I have and I can easily remember to leave the house each morning with it in my bag. Plus, there’s a lot of new stuff that I wanna capture and possibly relate to you (the reader) later.

Also, if anyone happens to be on Briarcliff just north of Ponce and has a camera handy, please get me a shot of the Hungus Amongus sign. It’s a traditional yellow diamond with the silhouette of a man with a cane and a rather disgusting, albeit distinguishing, physical feature. I’m surprised it hasn’t shown up on isawitonponce yet. If you take a picture of it and send it to me you’ll receive a free vargocity t-shirt.

For example take this gem I caught outside the front door to my building. At first it looked to me like one of those pictograms from a game show on which they reveal the big picture piece by piece. For example, envision this… 2 – [wasp] – [rowing implement] – [tied rope] – 2 – [wasp]These little puzzles call upon a creative spark equal to that normally reserved for dealing with vanity license plates. But I doubt this sign is trying to tell someone “iron, blender, pot” This image is far more utilitarian. It’s advertising the services of a small shop run out of the space right next to it. As best I can tell it means they’ll repair small, household electronics. Of course I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more like it and accepting suggestions for alternate interpretations.

Although this is not a sign exactly it is one of those funny things I just wanted to share. It looks like Snuggles, the fabric softening bear, but I’m guessing it’s actually his more free spirited cousin. Anyway, at least she’s found work down here sponsoring a line of breads.

4 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I am working on a wayfinding project for Town Center (75 & 575), just started today. How coincidental. If I can figure out how to get a Bimbo bear on one of the signs, I deserve a raise. Will forward images of Town Center wayfinding for blog, which ideally will be more intuitive than “iron, blender, pot”.[pushpin touching balloon]+A [dog’s chew item]+R


  2. How would your employer feel know the story about their new project broke on a blog?I’ll put an e-mail into Bimbo’s agent to see if they’re interested in the Town Center mascot-ship.


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