Santa Barbara :: Winding Down

The weekend of Chad’s Graduation Reunion finally ended. Everyone has returned home, including Guitar Hero and the axes. We wrapped it up properly with a huge day.

Freeman and the boys made a trip to the track to put some money on the Preakness ponies. Later the sun came out, the race was run and the ping pong balls replenished. We proceeded to grill up some madly delicious candied bacon cheese BBQ curry burgers before heading out to the club.

Saturday also saw our first real “man down” of the weekend. Mikey took about wicked long nap on the couch and was out of commission for most of the day. At one point of the night a game of flip cup ensued that found the two teams pitted against each other as ‘the smart team‘ and ‘the stupid team.’ Though I would only go as far as to call them ‘the less smart, as defined by a single narrow identifier, team‘, they began the flip cup competition by losing ten (10) games in a row. Gill, once well into the game of survivor, found himself pitted against all four of our team. He fended off two but ended up losing. He’s a good sport. Before heading out to the club, Mikey ironed his shirt while wearing it (on the recommendation from a member of the ‘smart team‘). Eventually we all went out on the town and had a time.

At the end of the night we voted to pick up burritos on the way home and found ourselves at a corner stand on the recommendation of our limo-van driver. Gill postulated that burritos in Santa Barbara somehow cost an incredible $2.50; an idea later dismissed when we received the bill for our nine (9) burritos. They were delicious. I had a great time with this weekend really enjoyed seeing all of my old friends. It may be a little early but if everyone wants to come down to Atlanta to celebrate my graduation (in a year and a half) with Lauren and me, we’d be happy to host.

Since everyone left we’ve had more time to unwind and get out a bit. Yesterday we went to the local high school field to kick around the soccer ball and play some catch. Tonight we went to a little BBQ at a friend’s house in IV. Isla Vista is a place littered with bikers… bikers riding helmetless down the street in a pair of Uggs with a vente late in one hand. The bike rack outside of what appeared to be a dorm rivaled something you might see in the Netherlands. At that point I guess you stop calling it a bike rack and start saying bike parking area. I really liked the whole feel of it. We played a bit of cornhole and watched the pistons take game one. I am thinking of trying to build a cornhole game of my own. But first I need to stain the deck.

Tomorrow we may go to the hills of SB for a hike, stay tuned.

One last little bit of awesome from this weekend. Enjoy.

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