Not Ramirez. Me.

For the last week I was a nanny for Bodhi. I was helping out John and Shannon as Shannon returned to work and there was a week before daycare started. Something like that, anyway they needed a nanny, or manny as it turned out.

I spent around 10 hours a day with 13-week-old Bodhi. I watched him at the house that J+S are renting in Druid Hills. For those of you not familiar with Atlanta, this is not some cultist mountain monastery. This does remind me of how I love the feeling when you first move to a town and are free of all your associations with different neighborhoods. However, one drive down some of these streets and you wouldn’t need a tour guide to figure out the character of the place. I should say that there are also good things about getting to know places. If all you know about East Point, you picked up in a Goodie Mob track, then some time at the velodrome is all it would take to change your opinion.

Oh yeah, mannying. We went on walks to Emory village, watched TV, had some tummy time, visited commencement. I did feel a bit emasculated as the only male pushing a carriage around town. The landscapers, sewer maintenance guys, and construction crews all nodded as I walked by but I feel like they laughed after I passed. I wonder if they thought I was a real manny, or a stay-at-home dad who shockingly could live in this neighborhood.

Mostly the kid slept. There were episodes of intense crying. But those were usually in anticipation of the feeding that was on the way. But what a life. When was the last time you had someone push you around while you spent half an hour pushing out gas so hard you crap your pants and then pass out,exhausted. Waking up to the tune of some cleaning you up and changing your pants. All of this taking place immediately before your feeding which is followed promptly by your nap. Ahhhhh, to be young again.

The biggest problems of the whole week were with my dog, and even then they were manageable. So, to all the people who questioned my decision to try this I say, “I did it. The kid’s fine (better than fine… dry, fed, exercised, clothed, baby eisteined, burped and cute). You may have been nervous when you heard I was taking care of a 3-month-old all by myself, but I knew I could do it.” Moreover I know you can do it too when the time comes. We’re programmed to do it. The hardest part is not being able to communicate with him directly. All you’ll want to do it give them what they want but they can’t tell you what that is and you can’t tell them how hard you’re trying. So good luck and if you need a manny, call me.

One thought on “Manny

  1. I am proud of you – I know “when the time comes” you will take excellent care of my grandchildren.All they need is love!!!!MOMHave fun in California!


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