Commitment to the Commute = Commutement

Last week this article on commuting, and featuring Atlanta, came out in the New Yorker. For me, commuting is a common topic of conversation. It’s easy to discuss and nearly everyone can contribute something to the conversation while still talking about themselves. And if you really like to talk about commutes, find a room full of city planners.

This article describes some of the attention we pay to the smallest aspects of our commutes. I, for example am one of those people who thinks about which end of train will allow me fastest access to my next connection, and I’m an escalator walker. On a bike you come to know the segments of the commute in a much more visceral way. From light to light you come to know and expect the tinge of a certain amount of lactic acid. It’s a good day when you make it from door to door without your feet touching the ground.

The article talks about the personal emotional economics of commuting, if that makes sense. It also points out some of the good and bad of commuting in how society is affected.

Give it a read, and if this link doesn’t work, email me for a copy.

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