If you’re familiar with the blog you have probably seen my remade (improved) helmet. After making it, I had the idea to partner with helmet makers and create a licensing agreement with schools and teams to make their helmets. Not sure who the market would be since messengers would be above them and the typical bike advocate fitted in complete Discovery Channel kit might also shun the pseudo-‘patriotism’. Fitting it to the public health paradigm, I could argue that these helmets are much cooler and more likely to be worn by children, and everyone want to protect children, even if they are just riding to the end of the cul-de-sac and back. Plus their heads grow faster and alligences run less deeply than adults and they would be in the market for new helmets more often. I guess I should have gone in to business/marketing.

Yet, no matter how bad you think that idea is, it must become a little more feasible in your mind after you hear what Major League Baseball has given its teams’ identities to. Urns. Now you have your worldly remains committed to the official human ashes receptacle of your team. This type of fanaticism says, “Family, Take me out to the ball game… forever.” And I don’t think stadiums will be charging admission for entry of the departed. You can only hope that your team doesn’t get nixed. Just think of all the Expos fans in urns that would be getting laughed at.

Happy opening day everyone.

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