New Construction

Much has been going on around the house lately. I haven’t had too much time to blog since school is taking up a lot of time. When I have been able to break away from the proposals, papers and data, I’ve been getting my hands dirty around the house. We’ve had a couple visits from parents which, really helped. My folks got rooms painted, curtains up, etc. and that’s when the place really started feeling like a home.

The first of the most recent (construction, shhhh, we didn’t apply for permits but I checked the zoning code and we’re cool) project commenced during a visit from Lauren’s dad a few weeks ago. We expressed a need and he provided the vision. We had a spot picked out for our bikes, next to the deck in the back and I think I mentioned the bollards. We were stuck on how to shelter the bikes from the elements. We got the bikes out there and in the space, and started to think about a hatch that would flip down to cover the bikes and follow the slope of the handrail. Then Peter took it one step further and suggested a sliding door.

One trip to Lowes later, we were under way. The result gives us overhead cover for our bikes and fits in with the existing structure. Last weekend we lowered the grade a bit to allow an easier slide when the bikes are in there and now we have some drainage issues to resolve. Finally there’s the security. We still have to find a bollard and get it in there. We’re getting closer all the time.

Last week we got a dog, Mali. We took her in from a family who had to get rid of her on account of their having too many animals and some allergies. The woman of the house works at Rollins (where I go to school) and put out a mass e-mail which found me. One problem with having a dog is our need for a fenced yard. Most of it is in good shape but both sides of the house are open and she could get out. Also, stray dogs often come in our yard at night to get at some other dogs that stay few houses over. So… project #2, fix the fence problem. Matt volunteered to help me and I had no idea which route to take, wood, chain, prefab, have it installed…

One trip to Home Depot (to use the 6, $1 gift cards Matt had received at a basketball game, Thanks again Matt) and another trip to Lowes and we had it. It really occurred to us at Lowes. The first trip to HD really only produced a few top bars to fix a problem spot in the existing fence. While examining hinges we decided we would custom fit the fence to our space rather than search for existing gates and fence that fit it. This would involve building the doors, securing a post, and hanging the doors. We surprised ourselves when we put the doors together like old hat. Miguel came over and helped out with the post, and hanging one of the doors. It proceeded to rain all night which made this perhaps the worst possible time to pour concrete.

The next day I took another break from a hectic school weekend to hang the other door, the concrete could be fixed but it works. Today I put on the street sign we found in Midtown. Ignore the fact that the dog can still get out under the deck and I think this is a great success. So in all accounts there are still some things to shore up, but I am happy with the progress and enjoy the time away from the worries of school. I hope that I can inform you of more ‘progress’ soon.

One thought on “New Construction

  1. Mali is a beautiful dog – I need some more pics. Looks like you have been really busy getting things around the house done. Love the sliding cover for the bikes. We miss you guys. Love MOM


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