Wearing Your Helmet is Cool

Lauren thinks I’m crazy for ruining a perfectly good helmet by customizing it with some creative spray painting and a bit of school spirit. She is slightly biased, having bought the helmet for me. Nonetheless, my dream has been realized and soon I’ll be cruising the streets of Atlanta, in a totally sweet bike helmet. And just in time for spring with the dogwoods in bloom and the N.I.T. on the horizon.

I thought Lauren would be in favor of any idea that got the helmet on my head more than it already is, but this all seems childish and unreasonable to her. I wonder how she would react if I painted her helmet up like the helmet of a Vermont Catamount. Oh… I forgot they don’t have a football team and they suck!

I am anxious to see how other drivers react. Today I got honked at just for being on the road with a plain black helmet. We’ll see if this brings out more honking and if they are primarily friendly or hostile.

6 thoughts on “Wearing Your Helmet is Cool

  1. Incredibly jealous my friend. Had I had a helmet such as yours when Iwas in SB I would have rocked it everyday. All you need now is a bikehorn that plays “The Victors.”Mark


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