Hooke Broward

I really want to write about something else, but this issue consumes me. Even the MARTA experience of last night has fled my mind and I am left with one name. Hooke Broward (changed to protect the guilty). It’s a complicated case. “Lotta ins and outs” So please keep up with it.

If you know anything about me, you know that I like to flaunt my knowledge of the word spoonerism. That said, the ordeal of getting out of our old apartment is really wearing on my family. FILA runs away when it’s brought up. We had an agreement with our property manager, Cooper Brown. If we find a renter, we can keep our security deposit, and not pay any extra months. Perfect! We put an add on Craigslist and find a few people who love the place and are asking about moving in during the first week of January. This is a little early for us (we closed on Dec. 29th) but we tried to (and succeeded) to accommodate. We even returned after the initial move out inspection to do the final cleaning step the property manager wanted. This included washing blinds, all the baseboards, and the bath tub (a third time). But we did this so they would not have to hire a cleaning crew and we would get more of our security deposit back.

So we got out of the place ahead of schedule and Hooke Broward could move in when she wanted. As I said, there were a few people interested moving in so you may be wondering how did you choose Hooke Broward. Well, being the honest and forthright people we believe ourselves to be (as I bash someone) we followed non-discriminatory housing practices and treated interested parties based on the order their interest was expressed. Godd Tilliland, I wish we had gone with you.

Hooke kept moving the move-in back. It wasn’t great news but we figured we were only out half of January’s rent. The contact through the property manager – we’ll call him C-Harley – is a real case. He never contacts me and is very waspy (Ben, preach!).

It is now February and later Today I will take a check over to the proerty manager for another month’s rent. Hooke backed out of the lease that C-Harley never got her to sign and Cooper Brown listed the apartment again, at $45/month more than they were going to lease it to anyone we found. Now, we lose our security deposit ($950) because Cooper Brown spends it ALL on ‘marketing’. They list on their website, Craigslist, Creative Loafing, and one other place. This costs $950. (I mean This costs $950?) I want C-Harley’s job. Lauren and I did it for free and had better luck.

Ok, so were out the security deposit and now all of January rent, thanks to Hooke. All told that’s $1,900 but we’ll call it $1,400 giving Hooke two weeks to get her move-in on. C-Harley is ready to use Hooke’s $950 security Deposit check, which Cooper Brown has already cashed, for the February rent. But yesterday he calls me to ask us to write a check for this month. He also needs us to turn on the power and take care of paying for whatever heat and electricity they use (“to keep the pipes from freezing”). What a guy, he finally finds my phone number when he needs money. He tells me that I’ll get it back if they can rent the place before March 1st. At that point they’ll reimburse me with Hooke’s cash. One catch, they don’t know if she’ll come back ad sue them to get that cash back with her lawyer shark sister (whom she lives with and hence is in no hurry to move-in anywhere, even to places she told people she would move into). Her sister signed that letter that said Hooke would not be taking the place and consequently forced C-Harley into the fetal position under his desk.

Now we’re out January (1/2), security deposit, and Feb (maybe). Possibly $2,350 and you may be saying you are an idiot for getting in to this situation. Perhaps you are right. Cooper Brown is trying to rent the place for more than they led us to believe it would go for. If we found a tenant (such as Hooke) they would only pay $950, same as us. Now that they run the show, the price is higher. And why not? They effectively have the place rented with a check from us every month. Damn.

Thanks for letting me get this down and out. Wish us luck.

Hooke Broward, I wish you no physical harm. I did for awhile but now I am past that now. I do wish you exceedingly great misfortune in everything and maybe a retarded kid. I am sorry, eventually I will not be so hateful but as I sign this check I only think of how your one action has created so much trouble for me. If I am missing some information, please contact me to tell me what is going on.

2 thoughts on “Hooke Broward

  1. This story blows. Both The Man and a woman are sticking it you guys. If you have a lawyer friend/sister you should get them on the case just to make it interesting. Good luck with all of this.


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