This is my new name for Atlanta’s transit system (www.itstupida.com). I am on the verge of – make that in the middle of – a MARTA rant. After moving and finally settling into the new school schedule I am testing out my multi modal options to and from the new house. I began my experimentation with a two key assumptions based on prior experiences: the 6 goes to Candler Park and the 45 runs between Emory and Midtown. (note: go to the text description of these routes or look on the main system map to see why I thought my assumptions held)

I should have added a third assumption, MARTA does not work. Consider website as proof. I always like the example of the Tourist Loop Logo. Well done by MARTA to harness some of the power of this medium to make their presentation more engaging. Their little moving gif’s for ‘o’s in tourist and loop add a nice touch. But the two in loop are moving backward just like the entire authority. The structure of MARTA is like something out of Mega Man video game plot. Dr. Wylie designs a machine that creates chaos and calls it MARTA.

So as for my experiment… The 6 has been changed to go to Inman Park and the 45 now goes to Candler Park instead of Emory Village. You can find this on the schedules but obviously the message from the website and paper maps at stations is mixed and confusing. I am noticeably bitter and biased in my assessment of MARTA. I am sure they has reasons for changing the routes, and I probably even had opportunities to take part in meetings that helped determine the fate of the routes. But changes should be promulgated throughout the system and users should have access to information that is up to date, clear and correct.

Tegna un gran dia.

4 thoughts on “TUPIDA

  1. I will admit, as a regular rider, MARTA is pretty hard to defend. I missed my bus the other night in the cold because it came early. So much so it obviously left the station early. They don’t do a great job advertising the public hearings on service changes (the next one is on Feb 6th at City Hall). Or publicizing the changes when they occur- the last round of changes took effect on Dec 26th.
    However, in MARTA’s defense, their information system, flawed as it is, is much better than GRTA and CCT’s. Trying figuring out their websites sometime…
    Looking at the big picture, MARTA has been systematically underfunded and marginalized. In my work with the Transit Riders’ Union we are trying to figure out how to hold MARTA accountable to its riders at the same time as strengthening its political power in the region. One of the challenges is organizing MARTA riders because so many people are so fed up with it.
    Lastly, Emory is an especially hard place to get on public transit and very few of the current transit proposals will solve this problem.


  2. “Appropriate commenter name, Idiot” haha (from the link you found, vargo.)

    Yeah, MARTA. I’ve been using it to commute (this is new) for the last month and have been pleased. Usually on time, usually not too long of a wait for the next bus, etc. But…I take a frequent, heavily ridden route –the #2. It’s gotta be the Chevy Lumina of routes or something: not perfect, but reliable and all the necessary parts work.

    Too bad the shit has hit the fan after moving there thinking you had your commute options worked out.

    Vargo, time to buy an SUV.


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