Hold Your Reindeer

To: the tree seller, the radio commercial with Deck the Halls in the background, to Starbucks, Macy’s, and Wallmart, K-mart, K-fed and BrandsMart…

It is not Christmas time yet. It is November 13th. It is before Thanksgiving. Put away the banners, the wire fences around rows of trees, the coffee cups donned with snowflakes. You are a little to early.

I am liking fall, Michigan is about to earn a berth in the national championship game, leaves have turned, the air is crisp. I am thoroughly enjoying my fall and I am not ready for the holidays, nor should I be. Christmas is coming earlier and earlier and I am not sure who gave the go ahead to set things in motion prior to Thanksgiving but I say “bah humbug” to that idea. People are setting up tree farms, selling cards, playing holiday jingles, and changing the color of everything that holds things you buy to read and green. If I see the Salvation Army bell-ringer out front somewhere tomorrow I might lose it. It’s all a little too early and I don’t like it.

Of particular obnoxious holiday spirit worth mention is Starbucks. Their slogan for the season is “on with the tradition.” I’m all for continuing the holiday tradition. I love the vacation, time with family, and gifts, but let’s keep it in December where it’s always been. And I can’t help but read the phrase and feel that Starbucks is claiming some credit for the holiday spirit. Starbucks did not start the tradition nor do they add to the tradition, or signal the beginning of the traditional tradition-celebrating season. All they did was make their cups red, play different music and add a delicious mint hot chocolate late to their menu. Stop claiming Winter, Christmas and the entire holiday season, Starbucks. We’ll still be in there buying your overpriced liquid drug; on with that tradition which hardly ever stops – whether it’s after Thanksgiving or not.

I saw this right after the post…

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