Speakers in da House

This week brought about what many are calling a sea change in American politics with the Democrats taking the House of Representatives, AND THE SENATE!, and Donald Rumsfeld resigning. I am more excited about Donald Rumsfeld than about the House and Senate though maybe I shouldn’t be or maybe they are one in the same. People (a lot of people) have been asking for Rumie’s resignation for a long time now, and now they have it. But, is all this change in such a short time is reason for optimism or some skepticism?

I must admit that I am a bit apprehensive to start the celebration just yet. Now that the Dems are in and Rums-y-poo is out what next? Changes came about as a consequence of policies and endeavors that failed severely. Now it’s time to fix them or heed more change. It’s a huge task and though we heard a lot during the campaigns about getting Republicans OUT of office, now we need to hear about what Democrats in office is going to mean. I’m pulling for them to succeed, but I am also realistic about the gravity of the problems they face.

On a lighter note, Nancy Pelosi is going to be the first Madam Speaker of the House. In December I had the chance to visit my very good friends Paul and Hilary in San Francisco and got a behind the scenes look at how Nance goes about her business in the City by the Bay. Check me out behind the desk of the now-Speaker of the House.

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